• Yes, it is possible to collect your order. The collection point is located at:

    Diestsestraat 13-15
    3000 Leuven

    The opening hours are:

    Monday: 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM
    Tuesday to Saturday: 10:30 AM - 6:00 PM
    Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

    If you wish to collect your order, you can select this when checking out your shopping cart. You will receive an automatic message when your order is ready for collection.

  • The most common length for a woman chain is 45 cm. For men 50 cm is the standard, but for dog tags 60 cm is more popular.

    To check your ideal length for the chain, first determine at what height you prefer the pendant to. Use a thread like you would a chain and measure the desired height. Also take the size and weight of the pendant itself into account.

  • Some bracelets are adjustable in length, we would love to adjust it to the right size for you! You can specify the correct size when ordering.

    Some bracelets are not adjustable in length, but exist in different lengths.

    To measure your own bracelet length we recommend using flexible measuring tape. Put it loosely around the wrist, you should be able to add at least two fingers.

  • On each product page is stated from which material the jewellery is made. We only work with the following materials.

    • Silver: We use 925 sterling silver. This precious metal is hypoallergenic and does not change colour.
    • Gold Plated: Gold plated jewellery is made from nickel-free metal alloy. The exterior, which touches the skin and can be seen by the naked eye, is a very thin but durable layer that gives jewel its golden appearance.
    • Stainless steel: We use 316L stainless steel. This is a nickel-free material that does not change colour and looks naturally a little bit darker than silver. Stainless steel is also ideal for IP coating. IP coating is similar to plating, but uses a different technique. IP coated steel can give stainless steel a black, golden or pink golden appearance.
  • Here is a summary of all jewellery in which ashes can be placed.

    You need to add the ashes yourselves.

    If necessary, grind the ashes finer. Then create a small funnel with a paper. Carefully pour the ashes into the pendant. Make sure the ash pendant is not too full and test whether it can be closed. Apply glue to the screw and close the ash pendant to seal.

  • Yes we can engrave fingerprints. Fingerprints are treated in the same way as a photo engraving.

    Oval pendants are best for choice for this type of engraving.

  • Oops, did your package get lost in the mail? Contact us and we will investigate what went wrong. We do our best to track down the package as fast as possible, but since we depend on the courier (bpost) and their procedure, it can take several weeks.

  • An engraving is basically a scratch (when engraving letters) or a bunch of dots (when engraving a photograph) on a metal plate.

    With our preview function we try to give you an idea of how the engraving will look like as accurate as possible. You can experiment with different fonts, make texts / photos bigger or smaller, rotate etc. Please remember that most jewellery are very small items, so keep it as short as possible!

    Then our engraver uses your preview as input to make the engraving as accurately as possible. We verify whether the engraving is placed in the middle, straight etc. Since names can be written in many ways, we do not check for typos. Please check whether the engraving is spelled correctly!

    We also offer the free service to cut out unnecessary background from the image. When you have a photograph with a busy background or light coloured background, do not hesitate to check this free option! Most pictures are prettier without the background! Also remember that colour photographs are translated into points, colours are not clearly visible.

  • The color of the jewel may differ slightly with the color shown on your screen.

    Because the jewellery are handmade, it can sometimes happen for example that a stamp is put on another location. In that case, we adjust the engraving so that it is looks best on your jewel.

    We do our best to engrave exactly as you entered during the preview. However we always check whether the engraving is placed in the middle, etc. Therefore, in practice there may still be a little difference.

  • For pendants that can be broken in two it can sometimes be confusing who wears which side. It is important to realize that there are no real rules. Wear the part that you think is best, in consultation with your loved one.

    If it is a pendant with one side with a stone and the other side without stones, usually the woman wears the part with the stone.

    For puzzles, the man usually wears a larger piece of the puzzle, and the woman smaller piece of the puzzle. Since men look better with something bigger, and ladies look more elegant with something fine.

    Because the two parts are usually on the small side, it is often better to only engrave initials instead of full names.

    Usually you would wear the name or initial of the other person. For example, if Mary and John couple pendants, then Mary will wear the pendant with J (ohn), and John will wear the hanger with M(ary).

  • Our yearly holiday will be from February 25th until March 12th, 2023. During our holiday we will not make any orders or send out any shipments. It will be possible to make orders. The orders will be send in the week of 13 March 2023. 

    All orders placed before and on 23th March will be shipped before our holiday.

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