Determining the correct ring size is important! Fortunately, there are several ways to find out what your ring size is.

Option 1. The preferred way: Have your ring size measured at your local jeweler.

Option 2. Measure the inner size of a well-fitting ring. This can be done with a ruler, but is more accurate with a vernier caliper. Measure the inner diameter of the ring and look at the table below to see which size this corresponds to.

Option 3. Print this A4. Check that 1 cm = 1 cm. Take a well-fitting ring and check which circle best matches the inside of your ring.

Option 4. Don't have a well-fitting ring to measure? Take a piece of paper, string or tape measure. Pull it tight at the widest part of your finger, usually the knuckle. Measure this circumference. The measured mm is immediately the Belgian size. Round up.


  • Combine multiple methods to be sure.
  • A well-fitting ring is a ring that is still perfectly round, not too loose and not too tight around the correct finger. This is a closed ring, not an open ring.
  • A wider ring feels tighter. So it is possible that you have a size 54 for a thin ring and a size 56 for a wide ring.
  • A ring that is convex on the inside feels more spacious.
  • Hands may be different. Your ring finger on your right hand may be a different size than the ring finger on your left hand.
  • Fingers can swell. For one person this has little effect, but for other people it can have a big effect. The fingers can vary because of the heat, movement, etc. That means your rings can feel differently in the summer compared to the winter. For some people there is also a difference between morning and evening. Preferably take your ring size when your finger is in 'normal' condition.

Each country uses a different way to measure the size. Below is a conversion table for the ring sizes:

Circumference in mm
48 50 52 54 56 58 60 62 64 66 68 70
The Netherlands/
Diameter in mm
15.25 15.75 16.50 17.25 17.75 18.50 19.00 19.75 20.40 21.00 21.80 22.25
USA 4.50 5.25 6 6.75 7.50 8.25 9 9.75 10.50 11.25 12 12.75
SWISS 8 10 12 13.75 15.75 17.50 19.50 21.50 23.50 25.50 27.25 29.00
JAP 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30

Did you order the wrong size after applying our tips? Send us an email with your order number and we will offer you a discount of 30% for the order of a ring (same model, same engraving) in a different size.

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